Torso Disappeared


My torso disappeared. Anyone know a way to get it back, or experiencing the same thing? I didn’t fuse it into anything, and it’s not in my inventory. It’s not on a different mech either.


See if it might be in “Change mech order.” It might be there.


Nope, not there. I checked.


Multiple people have had items disappear mysteriously, never to be seen again. I’m 100% positive it is the ghost of JackTownly with his impervious hacking skills, getting revenge on SM players. Or maybe it’s a glitch or something, idk.


Who is jacktownly? Also, I got a god mode torso which works with my mech design, so my main torso disappearing isn’t that bad. Just that I had it up to fusion level 12, that’s the down side. It had about 245K fusion points.


JackTownley is the outdated version of ZION.

They’re both “hackers” though Jack only proved his terror by spamming bots and nonsense threats on the old forum and he also called himself “hacker”. ZION is a cool dude (i guess). Only used Weight hack ( or glitch idk ) and was able to get himself back to the game again despite his account being banned.


You cant even compare JackTownley and Zion, cmon now.