Torso Dialogue Lines Idea - Brutality


Personality: Ancient God-like/Embodiment of Darkness

(Recieve) - “Who dares to wake me from my eternal slumber? You were the one to summon me? Don’t jest me, mortal… You are and will never be anywhere near being able to wield my power as your own. You may try to control the darkness, but you will never return once it has consumed you.”

(Login) - “Are you testing my patience? A bold move for someone as weak as you… Spare you? … Very well, I will grant you mercy this one time… But the next time you even try to mock my capabilities, you will not be spared from the wrath that ensues.”

(Idle) - “I had a life before this one… It feels like an eternity yet it seems like it has been only a minute. Hmm? You wish to know about my past? I would share the tales of my countless victories along side my master… But reiterating a tale lost within the sands of time is pointless for most of my past is nothing but a mere legend without the experiences that have been lost with it.”

(New Mission) “So, this is the supposed Leader of “Earthworld”? They seem inexperienced for the power that their role grants them. I shall resolve this immediately. A terrible curse will be afflicted on the executor of this emperor? A cowardly move for an individual granted with such power… However, I see your reason as to why they shall not be harmed. I will spare them until they have decided to step out of line… Nothing will be able to save them by then.”

(Enhance) - “This vessel has indeed gotten stronger… However, restoring me to my old status will take more than shallow enhancements.”

(Transform) - “I am now one step closer to absolution.”

(Divine) - “Finally… After an eternity of slumber, I have returned to reclaim my throne as the absolute God of Destruction as fate has originally intended. Even though I would normally slaughter the mortals that stand in my presence, you have shown me the way to reviving what time has stolen from me. For that, you shall be granted with the Power of Absolution so we may rule this pathetic existence in absolute synergy.”

(Equip [Physical]) - “Hmm… This object feels strong but its weight would likely be its major flaw. Reconsideration of using this item may be required if we wish to reach absolution.”

(Equip [Heat]) - “This item burns with a desire for destruction. Its heart is polluted with a thirst for vengeance. This is the form of item that will best suit me for it and I share the same goal.”

(Equip [Energy]) - “The item presented here has a vessel similar to mine but its heart lingers with an energy that will likely fight against the will of darkness. It shall not serve us if we were to wield it, so it should be casted away along with the other deviants that serve the light.”

(Equip [Premium Item]) - “A double-edged sword is what I would describe this… It has the force that would benefit the darkness if it were to serve us but to what side shall it deviate to when exposed to the will of darkness? If it is willing to serve our cause will only be revealed once we put it to the test.”

(Equip [Overweight]) - “I am sensing an imbalance within this vessel as if it is undergoing a stress from the additions to its physical embodiment. I won’t let this vessel prove itself to be weak by letting it give in to such trivial forces.”

(Equip [Critically Overweight]) - It seems that the vessel is suffering from the overbearing loads that are weighing it down. Pilot, see to it that it doesn’t break or all of our efforts will be for nothing."

(Mission Start) - “The vessel is prepared and my soul rages with unholy flames. The light shall submit to us or it shall be put down like the simple mutt that it is.”

(Entering Combat [Buggy]) - “The enemy is trying to feign ignorance. A simple and flawed plan will not impede our progress.”

(Entering Combat [Tank]) - “It appears they are growing more vigilant of our actions, Pilot… It only means that their fear is only growing stronger.”

(Entering Combat [Mech; Physical]) - “Do you believe it is wise to bring a heavy weapon to a gunfight? I will show you why your strategy is flawed.”

(Entering Combat [Mech; Heat]) - “You wield the flames of light yet you expect to cleanse me of eternal darkness? Your mockery will be your downfall, filthy mortal.”

(Entering Combat [Mech; Energy]) - “I sense a great light emitting from you. Let’s see how many stomps it will take to extinguish that light.”

(Entering Combat [Boss]) - “You believe yourself to be a deity? If you desire yourself to be as such, I shall be the one to strike you down.”

(Entering Combat [Enemy Pilot]) - “The light has finally decided to send their best warriors to fight us.” chuckle “If they want a show so desperately, we will give them the show they crave… Pilot… Let us decimate their vessel and extinguish their light for all of their fellow deviants to witness with their very eyes.”

(Victory) - “Did you believe that you were any sort of challenge for a God?”

(Victory [Close Call]) - “I must admit, your strength and valor was strong… But the darkness shall engulf you regardless of how much you scream or struggle.”

(Defeat) - “You were lucky to survive this encounter. The next time we meet, your fate will be sealed.”

(Defeat [Close Call]) - “You dare ruin my vessel and slander my reputation?! I will rip every goddamn piece of your soul from your pathetic body until your light is nothing but an extinguished flame!”



This is amazing.What I see there,a great oratory skill that I feel it should be fructified.

These parts,they are good.

Now,I love the way you make it so that you develop a bond with it.Dude,that’s so neat.Man and weapon in union as one mighty being.

The old know-all type that works in union with you and advises its new,other half.And the ‘‘If we wish to reach absolution’’…Splendid.This was powerful and suggesting.

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Someone give this man a medal!!

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Godmode has a master?!!

Remember the old Bigboy? That was the master that I was referring to when I made the dialogue lines. In other words, think of God Mode as being the old Bigboy’s student and vice commander.


can u do the monkey/gorilla/thanos/MONKE torsos next?

@L4K3 Well, God Mode was one of the few gems that made SuperMechs… Well… SuperMechs. So, if you’re going to make dialogue for an everlasting legend that has to deal with a body that isn’t his, you gotta make every line seethe with his power and have the player feel that power for every time he speaks because he’s the god of destruction.

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@Fyrestare There’s a slight problem with the L-M torsos… They lack the personal characteristics that you would normally find in the standard torsos, so giving them a personality would be rather difficult.

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oh yeah your right :confused:
have you done zarkares yet?

I’ve done a few when I did the Torso Transformations Part 2 but I’ll make a dialogue set for Zarkares next or maybe Archimonde.

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archi is L-M but whatever u say :stuck_out_tongue:

@Fyrestare Archimonde is still amongst the older standard torsos and was a mythical in the legacy times, so making a personality for him is easy if you look at his legacy mech set.

Also, he’s not like the Hollows, Platinum Vests, and Battery Armors (even though they’re E-M, they deserve to be included), which are way too similar to their variants to the point that they’re practically the same but with a few minor adjustments.

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Is this your new catchphrase for when a post is good?

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tacticsofts dialogue lines: I’LL SMACK THE MECH OUT OF YOU

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GTA: SA dialogue lines: “What in ■■■■’s name are you doin’?”

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