Torso abilities


So I’ve been thinking about something, what if all torsos had 1 use special abilities at myth rarity? Originally this idea was inspired by myth naga torso, the first time I saw it I thought the eye looked like the cannon from hysteria, which is a weapon that fires a beam. So I wondered what it would look like if it fired a beam out of it’s eye, thus I came up with these special abilities.

These abilities depend on the torso, are 1 use and are only gained at myth rarity. (in case anyone missed it)


325 electric damage and 325 energy damage

8 range only (inspired by flaming scope too so it’s the same range)

Cost: 1 action point

Uses: 1


Reap the souls of the dead enemy pilots and gain 10% lifesteal for each dead enemy.

Effect: +10% lifesteal*dead enemy pilots

Cost: 1 action point

Uses: 1


GRIMREAPER ABILITY: Electric discharge

Discharge your energy and deal 1 electric damage for every point of energy spent. Can only discharge max 500 energy to deal 500 electric damage. Also deals 0,5% more damage for every 1% of energy in enemy tank and increases the energy regen of the user by 20% and increases the energy regen of the opponent by 15%.

Damage: % opponent remaining energy0,0051*energy spent
Range: 1

Effects: +20% energy regen, +15% energy regen for your opponent

Cost: Minimum energy cost: nothing, max energy cost: 500 energy (always costs 1 action point)

Uses: 1


SITH ABILITY: Force teleport

Force teleport the enemy mech 1-3 spaces.

Damage: 75 electric damage and 25 energy damage

Range: 1-4

Cost: 1 action point

Uses: 1


SITH ABILITY: Force summon

Swap the enemy mech with another in an attempt to even out the matchup, The enemy pilot will not be able to swap mechs until the current one is destroyed. Any location can be chosen.

Damage: 75 Electric damage and 25 energy damage. (affects both the mech that got swapped in and the one that got swapped out.

Cost: 1 action point, 100 energy, 75 regeneration, 50 max energy capacity.

Uses: 1



Force enemy to spend 1 action point in the start of their next turn to take 3 steps away from your mech.

Effects: 50 heat damage & -30 explosive resist

Range: 1

Cost: 1 action point

Uses: 1


Hook enemy and brutally cut off a leg with an axe, this reduces movement to 1 permanently.

Damage of axe: 180 explosive damage and 60 max heat capacity damage

Damage of hook: 45 explosive damage

Range: 2-7

Effects: Pull like normal hook then 1 knockback

Cost: 1 action point (doesn’t cost hook, so Brutality + hook = 2 hooks, can be used even if no axe is equipped).

Uses: 1


Repair 125 hitpoints for every enemy AND friendly mech that has been destroyed during this match.

Effects: Repair 125 hitpoints*destroyed mech

Cost: 1 action point

Uses: 1


WINDIGO ABILITY: Blast furnace

Spit fire at your opponent to make both of you reach near impossible levels of temperature. This causes both of your mechs legs to melt, rendering both of you immobile for 2 turns. (Knockback and pull still work but will not cleanse this effect) (charge cannot be used, grappling hook can be used but will not pull) (teleport can be used but will not cleanse this effect)

Damage: 250 explosive damage, 100 heat damag and -20 explosive resist.

Range: 1-2

Cost: 125 explosive damage, 50 heat damage, -10 explosive resist and 1 action point.

Uses: 1


ZARKARES ABILITY: Overwrite (part credit goes to L4K3)

Infest opponents central command unit (with anime girls, of course) and reduce the uses of a weapon by 1

Range: ∞

Cost: 1 action point

1 use

INTERCEPTOR ABILITY - Intercept (part credit goes to L4K3)

Intercept the opponent’s moves for the next turn. Knowing what they’re gonna do, you’ll be able to evade the next upcoming attack by charging into your opponent during their turn, completely negating all the damage it would deal and all of its effects. Also deals damage and raises resist. Drone shots will not trigger this.

Damage: 150 physical damage.

Effects: Charge into your opponent, knocking them back, putting you in 2 range and increasing each resist by 10.

Cost: 1 action point

Lasts until triggered

1 use.


Your attacks this turn deal 100 extra physical damage and shred 15 additional physical resist for every friendly mech that has been destroyed this match, lasts this turn only.

Gain 100*friendly mechs destroyed physical damage.

Gain:15*friendly mechs destroyed physical resist shred.

Cost: nothing (not even an action point!)

Uses: 1


AVENGER ABILITY: Last stand (Credit goes to Nemesis9)

Attempt a last stand for your chance at victory and gain +50 resist of each damage type. Can only be used when below 30% hp.


Cost: 1 action point

Uses: 1


Harness your inner samurai speed and become super mobile.

Effects: Your next 3 movements gain infinite jump range, every additional step outside of normal range costs 15 energy and 30 heat. Effect does not get used up by moving into normal move range.

Cost: 1 action point

Uses: 1

Aaand I think that’s every torso, I’ll be sure to update this when newer ones come out, and if I can’t come up with anything, you can help!


A totally new concept, I don’t think anything like this was suggested before, but as always it’s all going to be in our ‘dreams’ .

Disappointed :disappointed:


Sadly I think this is true.


Too much.

That would actually be too f**king amazing.I’d love to see something like that.

How about 100 energy damage and only 1-2 uses per battle?

Yeah,that would also be cool.

Niiice idea.

Would be kinda like the Grim Reaper’s special ability,but hey…Avenger,right?
That’s what it does.It avenges :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice also

How does this sound?
Intercept the opponent’s moves for the next turn.Knowing what they’re gonna do,you’ll be able to evade some of the upcoming damage,negating 30-50% of the received damage
1 action point
Lasts for the next turn only
1 use.

Would be pretty good in some situations.Pretty expensive so it balances it out.

as for zarkares…
(you know how the artist @Zarkares is a fully-blown otaku,right?)
Infest your opponent’s central command system (idk,maybe with a couple TBs of anime) to make it partially malfunction/not respond properly.It will cause the mech to lose accuracy,therefore lowering the damage it does (by idk,30-50% like Interceptor)
Ik it’s just like as I proposed for Interceptor,so what if Overwrite would have a chance to negate the entire damage of 1 shot/hit? ( like in completely missing a shot/misfiring it)
Will negate any 1 single hit from the upcoming round (or maybe it would last for 2-3 rounds but will only get to negate 1 single hit)
Ik this is only fantasizing…No way something like this would be implemented,but it was fun to read and even think of this kind of concept.I like your idea m8.


I Like your interceptor ability so I’ll add it to the post (with credit to you, of course) and change it just a tiny bit, but i think i’ll change the Zarkares one a little. Maybe it could infest the opponents central command unit, then reduce the amount of uses of any weapon that the enemy has equipped by 1. This makes it more reliable than having it be a complete random chance of misfiring and getting rid of RNG like this would be good (as to make the game more skill based by reducing the effects of randomness).


Nice idea but Archimonde needs to be more special because it’s an legendary-myth item :slight_smile:. So my sugestion :
2. Ability
Enhanced melee attack
( only works if you have a melee weapon )
all you melee weapons will deal 20% more damage


Nice idea but I don’t think it feel “SuperMechs”


Wow,that would actually make a great idea!
Good job m8 :slight_smile:


I feel like there should be a kind of “last stand” ability where you gain +40 resistance to your opponent’s damage type when your health is below 25%. You could also make one torso have a full recharge/cooldown for an energy/heat torso.

These don’t have to be implemented, but these are my ideas for new torsos if some come out. I’d love to have abilities implemented into the game, as it would enhance your tactics, but I feel some of the abilities for 2v2s/3v3s don’t really cater to some users (I personally use Avenger with 1v1).


Well,idk about that but I,for instance,had a lotta fun reading this and coming up with some potential abilities :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have thought of a full cooldown ability for Windigo and full regen ability for Grimreaper, but I realized the problem with those abilities was that they would completely win certain matchups by themselves, think about it. If you’re an energy mech and you go against someone with grim and you worked hard in trying to deplete all their energy, they could just undo all of your work by just the press of a button, same for heat mechs and full cool windigo.

However, you have given me an idea with the last stand ability, I think I’ll add that to Avenger if in a 1v1 and come up with some other 1v1 abilities for grim and windigo


Oooh boy,this is getting interesting!


Why not instead of full cooling/regen, make it restore the value of the regen at the cost of a turn, and make cooling at the value of the cooling without taking away turn ?

Or maybe a buff to Heat Capacity and Cooling by…let’s say…15% for 3 or 4 turns ?
Same for Energy Capacity and Regen ^^


Like an ""empower’’/’‘surge’’/’‘rage’’ skill,eh?


i was thinking on post this after the player skills idea
but i was thinking on the ultramythical concept just x torso & legs

torsos would gain 8 each type resistance & 25% more hp also 10% more heat & energy & a maxed out at lvl 75 & a special ability x each

legs would get 20% more hp & 6 its type resistance also 15% more dmg
with a maxed lvl75 too

ill post it & tag u


hahhahahahahaha the Zark ability is OP GG people With dem sparked runners, vanilla double, dual wordy, and ash death


This is a bitchin idea!!

Also I love imagining the enemy pilot’s cockpit suddenly filled with anime girls when the get Overwritten!


it rly ain’t a bad idea, but I think as soon as this impacts raids, there will be crazy nerfs. imagine naga to drain rly hard, then flaming scope to deal bout 700 dmg. thats 1000 dmg at range 8


I don’t get how it’s OP in raids since you can’t spawn in flaming scope range, and if Naga is the same range as flaming scope then you can’t start with Naga ability either and most of the time you can just kill the enemy outright without using flaming scope.


I understand, but it is still rly OP consider the emotional impact of nerfing rather than just not adding it