Torment or Anguish? Help needed

Hi guys, I know the obvious answer to this question is Windforge, but right now I have those two. So which one to pick for my energy mech?


Your comments will be appreciated. Do you have the stats of maxxed Anguish?

Well, i can’t really give an educated answer because i don’t know what they are like both stock or both maxed, since they are different level.

Well tourment kills max energy cap, anguish kills regen.
In my book none are any usefull compared to windforge
I use tourment on my 3rd cause it sinergies better with hysteria and malice beams… and can really pack an inpact in the long run.

Sooo, If I use energy axe (not sure what is the name), which kills regen, I presume, the better choice would be Anguish. What are the stats of windforge? What does it do?

Windforge 55-90 dmg, 76 drain, -5 res
Tourment 91-141 dmg, 48 drain, -12 cap dmg.
Anguish 89-139 dmg, 48 drain, -6 regen dmg.

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No Windforge? Go Anguish.

Have Windforge? Go Windforge all the way.

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This is the reply I like. Short. Concise. Meaningfull. But I will do otherwise. I will go neither Anguish nor Torment. As you can see, torment is maxxed legend, Anguish is 11 lev. I just leave them as they are, use Torment (energy is my third mech, not that important), and I wait for Windforge to land in my garage one day…) That is the best strategy!

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I only have torment (and snack but I didn’t upgrade it)


Can I request an image of this Windforge? It sounds interesting…