Topics for all upcoming eras


So, I’ve noticed that a few eras have had forum threads recently, and those threads, have been in effect, quite successful. These two come to mind;

To boost forum reach and maybe perhaps just get a couple more people to interact with the forum - I want to start running threads for every future era. Just monitor what happens, maybe ask top teams what their loose plans are, etc. Some of you might remember Reporter Pete, who used to do things similar to this years ago and release ‘newsletters’ using in game messages. I guess I’m trying to emulate that loosely, but through the forum instead.

Open to suggestion, but if the view is generally positive, I’ll start on any new eras or possibly even ones that have started recently.

  • Good idea!
  • Bad idea!
  • Tweak the idea! (please say why)

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Well when most eras got big enough a few months back (E3 the most notable example) people made threads. I was wondering where that went.


This E3 is also a good one , no idea why no thread yet. Alliances till Rank25 are even actively participating in wars.

Also i think Admins should take the initiative to start such threads. Alex used to do it all the time on old forums.


Theres a story on every era that should be told, :smiley:


Also for eras where I can get a bit more involved with reporting I might plant down a couple of people to help - message my skype if you have it, or just on here if you’d like to be a part of that :slight_smile:


It really comes down to individuals in the community :slight_smile: Alex as an admin tries to promote (if you look at news feed, he put link to E1 discussion thread). I used to do this as a community member with the Tribune, however, that simply became a bit too much work to organize by myself. Most players simply don’t think to go to the forums anymore. If the era looks heated, make a topic and try to get folks involved to post in it. Gets good discussion usually


i just like seeing progressive screenshots