= Memes Thread=


I don’t know, I thought it is a good item.


Most of the time, it is good


Points for Effort


Should I change it to a different one?


Nah, I like it.

Spinefall is good, SPARTAN IS BeTTER




Nice avatar :3


Never mind :v


Somebody is flagging me for posting memes.


Well that is just unreasonable.


omenxiii - drop dead





me when i click on a fortune box and the light keep slowing down on epic


me when the fortune box lands on legendary


this is so sad alexa can we hit 10 likes

when the fortune box legendary is shit



I love how this dance fits in any song I listen


I know right?




Lmao, the truth of the truth right here.


@cousin_joe Obviously not real but I couldn’t think of anyone else who wouldn’t be offended by a joke XD

love ya man

Except @cyanine


One question, what kind of beating?

  • As in getting kicked in the balls
  • As in getting beaten ALWAYS in a video game
  • As in Secksy Tiem :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

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