= Memes Thread=


Yes, misfit the top player copied YOUR build. Lol. Definitly


Both, misfit and cyaine are pretty high in the ranks i would label them both as top players


Don’t think that’s a possibility.

You see, this build is f*cked when it comes to high-speed Draining with Valiants and other EMPs because it only has 500-700 Energy Cap and 300+ Regen as a Rounded.

But, can win even energies with 2 Valiants when it comes to strategy.



Misfit isn’t some rich player throwing money and copying peoples builds… he has been a veteran of this game for many years.



The reason why titanic “died”.




These memes are horrible.


do the memes have to be sm related?


Not anymore, KilliN changed it to Meme Thread from Supermechs meme thread


oh okay yay i got one
Image result for when 2 deaf kids get into an argument naruto gif


no more cold for today


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i also had a dream where we all were opposite genders from the one we are right now
it was kind of weird



When I see a guy with this coin :V



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Image result for anime memes

the first 2 describe me


what has this thread come to

my eyes are now just empty sockets with blood oozing out



Pasta la vista