= Memes Thread=


Out with the old @Lordgorgon, In with the @NuclearGorgon



on Gets Even More Confused


yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet on that nuclear boi



I dunno.


Alright i’m sick of this junk website.
I’ma get my photoshop just like i did at my highschool.

Wich is the meaning of the more level of the quality meme.



Does this meme still work with the Arch buff :3



Totally Legit I Swear



here is my meme

yes this happened


I don’t get why this is called the armor dissolver tho. It doesn’t even do resistance damage.


Can i have you account please?


It’s fake. The cards overlay the 4 blue transparent dots on the side when it’s supposed to go around them.




Ayy lmao it is photoshop.

Sneaky fool.



legit mhm sure mhmmmmmm


I swear it’s legit m8 <>-<>
Its definitely not like I quit the game before this no not at all :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t even touched supermechs for like 4 months. Maybe 5.


This is not legit.

First of all,if you look closer,you will see the purple outline of the epics that got pasted on.

Second of all,if you look even closer,you will see that the items look different.Mercy and Bunker have the PC version’s graphics,while the Ash,Platinum and Reckoning have the mobile version’s graphics.


Theres a thing called a joke :stuck_out_tongue: