= Memes Thread=


Plagiation is cheap.It can’t even serve as myth food (though it can take a myth from level 1 to 43 if maxed).


I had some dude in school try to copy my essay I spent 4 hours on.




I fall to my knees, my lord, who does his best keep our memes thread alive.


Just post random stuff lol, i’ll remore “supermechs” from the title of this topic





looks like ?, brother



holeh shet


My first one


This is actually a fight that will never be resolved.

SO you might aswell meme Robin and Batman slapping eachother lol




My pfp is already a meme




Lmfao , What a nice animated picture , that turns into a soviet flag


Made another meme t%C3%A9l%C3%A9charg%C3%A9%20(1)


@magicmech20 please finish this unholy screaming by finishing the titan off


Don’t do it lol




well im not gonna have a girlfriend. so i dont gotta worry {:


What makes me extremely mad is that I have never gotten the 2 epics that I’ve always needed while other noobs get them right away

Screw you RNGesus I hope you die