= Memes Thread=


Ahh nevermind.

Anymore talk about that and this will not be entertained, nor answered.


So you “start” things, you asked, I gave you clear answers, and then when I want to know something … “nevermind” … tell me please :exclamation:



That. Also I think you will then say “I’m not mad, please keep your offenses, envy” and such things to myself, or continue anyways.

Another thing is you might PM me, then will afterwards say “I don’t PM about stuff like this” and such.

Also this is the last post from me about this.

Edit : Oh yeah, forgot you Flag posts about mean comments involving your SM status.



I am never mad, I am very happy with all, so I am pretty much relaxed all the time :exclamation:


But feel free to think whatever you want :exclamation:


And whats your intent now :interrobang:



The rankings are not proper.


This is a meme thread.
I was so happy to see 16 new replies on this thread as I love seeing SM memes.
Too bad.My excitement for new memes was ruined by your little conversation.
I came here for memes,not for your talk about season resets…


You love my memes.
But i have to say that SM is dying.
I’ll try my best.


SM is dying?
Well,I also enjoy dark humour if bad comes to worse.


Hmm, should I make some memes?

  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • Yeh

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Prem packs in nutshell 2018.


I logged in to SM and I got 5 unclaimed boxes.
They were nostly clan boxes and a premium box.

I opened it up, got an Archimonde and raped my computer.


Technology police are coming mate.






Also no offense to YinYang, just surprised at seeing this mech. And, for that PM you sent me in SM, I always fight no matter what my Rank is. Besides, who cares about it? Not me, if you can have fun :wink:
Also for proof that I fight for about 10-20 times everyday :
And it’s only been 3 days into the season.

… Unless I’m at a top clan, then it’s #2 priority.


I have 3 memes waiting to be done, i just always have something to do or keep forgeting about them


This is a meme