= Memes Thread=


Thanks :smile: I remembered this scene and I thought they are out of ‘range’.


Haha, “they’re out of range”.




sentece is no long enough




I do have this tiny thing with me.


Irrelevant to SM but my absolute favourite meme:


I dont understand…is this a masturbation meme, what is happening here.


Sarcasm or actual?




Actual lol



So, there’s a meme/debate about how a toilet roll should be facing. The paper, either, in front or in back. This Expanding Brain shows us both of that then plot twists it at the end to say that the “smartest” is to just use your hands. Absolutely came out of no where when I first saw it :joy:


Oh, I see. I thought the same thing except for a different connotation lol.




I wash my butt with my hands after pooping.


@KilliN won’t move, or even fight. And his mech has NO modules.
Also for some reason I can’t progress any further, it’s stuck at ZERO.


Shitty connection…


About the modules that was just a mess



These are the Basic Stats of Brutality + Sparked Runners only.


A mess because i’m not going to use this mech, it’s just visual, i lost connection before selecting mechs.