= Memes Thread=


jesus, i meant it as an unfunny joke, not an invitation to a wit contest.


Then you did not answer my original question.



answer to that question is:
i didnt meme lordgorgon… yet
and besty becuase im a madlad.
oh, and before you start a war here:


of course david

saying “no offense” after making a racist joke also dont make it not racist

for example.


you, read first post rules

anything againt that or against standard forum rules is not to blame on the topic

thank you



that is scary.




where? how recent?

because some people are joking

and some people are being serious


remember the post on the single medals ranking topic?
he means that one.


how does that relate to this marvelous place known as meme thread


he labels it as an “offensive meme”.
i call it clowning on someone and getting no oposition.


I call it david







are the same ones that believe that drop rates have increased


a good rule of thumb for me is:

if you feel stupid, you probably are.




Do you know what just you do,

You taking damn wrong picture, here let’s me help you
PERFECT, Don’t need to thank me.