= Memes Thread=


Ne 'its wrong . :wink:


Im calling police


This is the work of the devil









Go my minions!

I require more spicy memes!

Go forth and bring the best to me!


magicmech :

me : you don’t do magic

magicmech :



I don’t do magic for free. You gotta pay up first


you are really the embodiment of p2w



I think a few have surpassed me. But only a few.

If only I was wise enough to choose a better game before dropping all that :moneybag:


You should’ve only dropped money for parts

Not paint


magic eats paint

there, thats the meme


The paint gives me a stat boost. +100 charisma and x3 style.

Plus the paint was more or less free at the time, so why not :stuck_out_tongue:


that is cursed.
as an experienced lego builder i can say,
thats fucken cursed mate



but thats illegal … .


Is this the official thread outside the rules?
is it the official site of bullying?

So in this thread everything is allowed, I think I have arrived home!


I got a warning for “bullying” even when i said “no offence” at the end of my reply.
you arent safe from the orange text PM.


So why do I see offensive memes towards members like @lordgorgon @bestplayerintheworld and others? .

or the warnings are selective where only some members can offend everyone without getting punished as happens in the rest of the forum.