= Memes Thread=


Yes,I’m an otaku.

And I love animes,hentai and regular porn equally.


ya ik

I didn’t say otakus or weebs are bad tho :disappointed_relieved:


They’re not bad!
At least not all of them.Some weaboos can get pretty crazy at times;I know one.


i check HH everyday


thanks for useful information


correction: they are bad. all of them.


david knows the only correct answer here


i totally agree

don’t want to see those people getting 30 yo dressing like japanese students and jerking off to hentai


Magma Blast after Nerf


Burning Shower is Very Hot


very 16+ stuff right here folks, i warned you

Man : Hey babe, wanna do it right now?

Lady : Sure, but do you got a



LMAO so creative name right there :joy:


i know im not 16 but i still clicked it

i dont know why


when mechs have smex



Not sure if this template has been used before


its funny because its really bad

he shouldve said platinum platings





16+, you have been warned

Drawn at my little counsin’s notebook