= Memes Thread=


i can’t stop you
as you can’t stop yourself from watching that


Whats wrong with watching anime now


just forget what i said



please do

if he gets bored of it ill recommend him some good hentai manga ;)))))))))


rianma has the right idea of depising anime

agree 1000% anime is bad for u

it’s a plague


it’s incredible how you like to make a whole situation out of something so bloody irrelevant

feel free to live in that world, just don’t keep bringing it here, I don’t like seeing you against literally everyone else over and over

not like I care for what you make out of yourself outa forum, but that makes you look retarded and it’s generaly just annoying




I watched anime when i was 7
nothing happened to me


You started playing supermechs when?


In 2013 20 character


I meant what age lol


8 i think 30 character




that’s what you feel, but the truth isn’t.
like when you play a game, you feel fun instead of thinking that: SHEEt MA eYES.


im guessing your scared of getting blind? i dont play games anymore i only come here to do silly stuff to waste my time


np i meant that you don’t think about bad sides of something cuz ur enjoying its good sides.


I delete this cus i like to delete it


but i’m talking about anime :U


I stop watching anime when i was 10 cus it got boring


good, you stopped
atleast you didn’t go deeper