= Memes Thread=


new guy joins
new guy makes a trade topic
the entire forum:
gib ten likes pls
holy shit this has 20 likes thank you


So true lmao




Does anybody realize that Frantic Brute’s minimum damage is 69





EDIT: Ohhhhhh now I remember. Elcent put a limit on how big you can make a sentence


me when I’ve got time



7 people


Itll be legacy probably


i got 10 likes on a post twice.
that is meme worthy.


where is supermechs?




w h y i s t h e r e a n i n f i n i t y g a u n l e t t h e r e ?


I stole it



o no.
thanos ZK

thanos ZK


#BunkerShell is OP




it was one of the more interesting fights Ive had in a while. been so long out of energy vs energy that its become intensely entertaining for me to fight again. largely due to nostalgia that will wear thin in about week but yeah this was a good fight.



Elon Musk is only doing it to try and become popular on the internet


are ya really pushing on this argument? like he’s not the rockets guy