= Memes Thread=


lemme handle this imposter.


This is why Punctuation is important.


What happened to the GOOD memes?
all those memes sucks…


Bad memes is the naughty generation of good memes (they always meeming)


99f4a49 god is guiding reign and @Marija


This is reign
And this is…


That is midget


no he is 2019-04-04-01-56-04


Nah that is image


feel the wrath of calling her a midget


2019-04-04-01-58-10 + SM = 2019-04-04-01-56-04
midget is actually a symbol of marjia in dat picture
How about
This is god
This is reign
This is marija
god is stealing his clan


No seriously

that boiye in the photo is a midget



well, he looks cute.
maybe its just the stature.


Stop spamming this topic and just add memes…


You’re da Meme King,y u add no memes?


meme b o i y e s donut use gramar


Terms Of Service: Giving your user and/or password is not allowed (meaning that if you do, you will get no support)

Chat Warning: Don’t give away your user and pass

Players: * Still give user and pass and get scammed *

Players: “I GOT HACKED”


TS need to give more warnings lmao


This is worth a meme,I swear to God! Lmao


Im making one right now.