= Memes Thread=


was about to say that’s better than 20 fuel, but that’s actually way worse considering how much you need for just one


That’s trash, it’s about 1 free pack every 30 days, If you’re active.


Better than the free fuel. Lol Btw how you go to bmmdev.


I think that is old pic when everybody had access to bmmdev. Now only few people can go to it and maybe he is one of them?


umm no Lol, I can acess anytime

killin the tester


Can Aura be a tester too.:heart_eyes:


Thats why i said maybe he is one of them :slight_smile:


oh right my bad, I didn’t realize




Only admins can make you tester i think :thinking:


Does that mean that this box had nothing ?


I think that’s legit the worst drop someone can get


lmao no

worst drops are the C-R items



why @R.A.M.B.O lol


I dont get it… am i dumb?


Lmao im tired ok lol


What dlc???


Its a joke lol

Because its overflowing on MB (i dont like it one bit), i joked on its giving me a free dlc


o h
n o
a m
i n
a r e n a


We got him boys.