= Memes Thread=




this build dies in two days, what with the nerf to heatpoint

made it a meme so it could live forever :broken_heart:


:slight_smile: @Lordgorgon


post for aprecciation of indian boy


Me after the Heat Point nerf :



this meme would go well with greedy, hurlbat and dustmaker.


Yeah sure, but give me a Bunker first :stuck_out_tongue:


falcon,heat/energy scope , franatics…
Or drain the hell our of some poor guys resis, using armor thingy(phis) and shoot a high NF.


This is the Bunker Shell


I don’t have nightfall or even Frantic brute, i mainly play as Energy so i don’t have much high-damage dealing weapon. I do have Bulldog tho (i’m rank 12-14)




I wish this wasn’t so relatable


not a meme but since i can post anything here, what was this topic and why i got tagged in it?


Yeah that was me that tagged you there as an example of doing good deed for the comunity, with WU and box simulator.
it all went great…
somebody made this meme :

humor is not for evrybody


Well ok, not gonna hate on your meme~!
If you find it funny, great!

Maybe somebody else will flag it, I won’t. In case they consider it inappropriate.

I bet you have been locked behind the jail fences for too long @El_Metre :wink:
Or maybe you are going there. So some pictures are to save.


As long as I don’t want my topic closed, I’m flagging this. Congrats, my first flag over months

Go start wars in your own fields


Was that pointed to @bestplayerintheworld? Just asking?

It seems that way just.


also this meme isnt mine.
a friend from the aku discord found it somewhere.


Isnt that so bloody obvious? Why do you have to put your hand in the fire?


deleted meme.
was a good one though…