= Memes Thread=


Why the f is there a 9 barreled shotgun in this world?


Also I feel like it should be a “This is him. This is him now. Feel old yet?” meme.


That’s not a 9 barelled shotgun, it’s a 9 barelled flintlock rifle.


Uuuum. Why does this exist?


A creative way to hold more bullets in one gun before revolvers and magazines were a thing.

Looks like red rain.


crEdiT tO teMMiE foR picTuRes


Shouldn’t it have been the other way?


Idk. I never made memes like this.


i got a great one that describes me in sm

with a little shovel knight touch





I don’t get it.

Are they giving or taking?


and mcdonalds destroys another family, once again.

(‘no it’s not updated’)


there giving it to you.
should i have had made it to were its you guys then your giving me the trash items/




Best Clan.



is this only for white meat poultry



anyone else see this




Protip: Make some memes.


Not an SM meme, but WHATEVER!