= Memes Thread=


I’m crying right now that’s amazing


thats a lvl 75 boss,not a 100.


Ninth Meme



Heeeeyyyyy, Purifier ain’t that bad.

But I would’tt ruin my Phys build for it, but I would definitely use it if I had to.


What would you do with the purifier


You would equip it on your mech and shoot it at enemies


I mean a build that would make sense for mechs to use purifier


Credit to @MCG_567_YT for the image :stuck_out_tongue:


I got the undertale reference.
The first 2 texts are in his style of text in the game, and he says ¨nyeh.¨
Also your profile picture is undertale so I will commence the assuming that you like undertale.


Requested post by @TechnoDive


It is broken my good sir.


Made this yesterday when the site was hacked.


I’ve seen this somewhere


This meme or this meme that I made. I made this meme yesterday it’s the only pikachu meme I know about SuperMechs.


What do you mean?


What do you mean?


You said

I don’t get it


Unlucky mate


Oh I was ask what you meant by “I’ve seen this somewhere”
Did you mean the pikachu meme in specific or this meme about SuperMechs?


Now I’ve seen two memes. Nice one!