Top the bad luck of the people :'v

Hello here I teach you the worst thing that can happen to you in this magnificent game of the terror of despair and that you fall a fortune box and you come out a good commune stopping ablar rare things begin

  • Fight pvp and you leave 1 of your opponent’s life that happens to me a lot and it hurts me just thinking about it

  • Open an epic chest and you get a metal piercer that hurts me much more than losing for only one life there were 75 tokens …

  • fight in pvp and you get one 10 times stronger than you and kill you in 3 turns this is worse if you are rank 9 and do not have any stars … that good that ami still has not passed me

  • To be very pro and to die in easy way by big boy … if I do not pass this you do not have childhood level super mechs … I better shut up

  • You get a fortune box and it comes out common or rare … this happened to me only two times but it hurts enough

*If they wanted the same but in the best that you can get in super mechs send me a message or give me gushes to the publication

Hello here I teach you the best thing that can happen to you in this magnificent game of the terror of despair and that you fall a fortune box and you come out a good commune stopping ablar rare things begin

  • Quit the game, get a job.
  • Quit the game, focus on school, get your grades up, maybe even get accepted into an Ivy League college.

Hope that was helpful :wink: :blush:


accepted into an Ivy League college.

You’re telling me that I do not speak English well …

I don’t think @Erik_Huang was making fun of your intellect or your english.

He is merely pointing out that there are other more important things to do than focus on the “bad” things about the game.

Hence, the two choices - “Quit the game, get a job” if you’re finished with school. and “Quit the game, focus on school…” if you’re still in school.

It’s the joke that is probably not translating well. :slight_smile:

There is nothing wrong with being bad at a language that is not your fist language. I am not very good at Japanese, I can barely understand Italian and find Korean hard to understand or communicate to. However, I am still learning. There is room for improvement.

I had the unfortunate experience of opening fortune boxes with Rares and Commons, too… :frowning:

You died in three turns? I had the fantastic experience of being killed in two. But that was when I had less than 1,000 HP and the magma and bunker shell was dealing a lot more damage.


good thanks for telling me I’m not good at English penese that if avia mocked and I passed ah

ha! thats ur bad luck?
i got all that everyday
when i buy boxes i just get commons not even rares
today i got 5 fortune boxes from 15 items i just get 3 epics then 2 rares (1 of them was a power kit) and the rest common
im on ranks between 5-8 and ive have been 2HKOed many times with 888 hp
i dont lose with big boy, because its dumb for me xD but its way more harder when i just get 1 repair kit(like the 70% of time)
u think than lefting an enemy at 1hp hurts? have u haved the luck of get always the lower dmg of ur weapons in a whole match and oponent have just 10 resistance at begginning?
have you founded cheaters that use 3 turns instead of 2?
have the game got crashed when u open a fortune box with yellow glow and then found a rare item?
well this was my last 3 days luck buddy

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the bad luck I had was to buy an epic box and give me a very bad weapon and rank nine to be in rank 9 and not get daily bonus

i got an epic heat protector and an epic basic teleport from last premium boxes i bought

I the recent drone of the game I obtube today

hablas español?
pregunto por tu apellido
si se te hace mas facil puedes hablar en español

¿Hablas español tambien tu?

xD si no muchos hablan español por aqui asi que suelo hablar en ingles

deberian aser una seccion de foro para diferentes idiomas porque asi la gente que able italiano, español,ruso etc xD podra hablar con gente que sepa su idioma

En realidad xD seria demasiado trabajo para complacer a unos pocos
el idioma global es ingles internacionalmente te ahorra aprender distintos idiomas para distintos paises lo mismo pasa aqui
si no hablas ingles usa un traductor y escribe en español hay varios que lo entienden asi que de una u otra forma seras entendido

Y si… por alguna razon
no te entienden con traductor porque aveses no traduce bien el google traductor :V eso es el otro poblema y el otro seria que no hablaras bien ingles

lo siento por la parte del espacio movi una tecla :v error de calculo

Yeah, I was talking about how you could be doing far better things than playing SM.

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I only say weird things or things like that when I finish everything and I do not have anything else to see as the theme that is

Easy problem solve 2k17 no clikcbait totally legit!

  • Just quit the game and spare your rage

I’m a satisfied listener of this advice :wink:

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