Top replays in searching screen

Very simple idea - instead of RNG making some stupid builds we watch top players replays.

Not the best idea ever but easy to implement and will make game less boring.

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You can watch them in ladder

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I have not understood this, I don´t see the relationship between one thing and the other. I suppose that the first one refers to builds that you do with what luck gives you, but that has to do with watching replays?

And there is no option for “no”.

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I know. But whats the point of it if I waste hours watching mechs flashing in searching screen.

Enter arena > try to do fight 2v2
Do you see “stupid builds” on your right side?
Aren’t top replays more interesting?


Oh, I got what you mean.
Yush, those are automatically generated builds actually

Are the repetitions that may interest you! We don´t all see the same. If you have been inspecting a player or is highly probable that that player will appear if you ask a 2x2, system places to you a replay of 1 battle.

@Trojan mean DURING searching for battle (which can be up to 20 or more minutes, because game is dieing) :exclamation:



Well… I am so bad in explaining what I mean. Maybe I should make picture of what I mean :wink:

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It is/was pretty clear what you mean (for me at least :wink: ) :exclamation:

But to be fair (so it is a fair poll) you need a “no” option in your poll :exclamation:



This poll was quality joke xD

And yes it is bcs of game dying. Everyone who play 2v2 will understand whats going on.

The worst thing is watching your phone battery dropping by 10% before you find a fight ;_;


Or the fear that the connection will be cut off just when it appears …

What happens is that there are many poorly distributed PO items. Then people don´t play. Take care. If A is connected, B does not play. Nobody likes to lose, it’s the truth. It´s the bad distribution of wealth.

In 1x1 it is not so noticeable, at least in the low ranges, in 2x2 it´s quite noticeable and in 3x3 it is extremely noticeable.

Before the big update, there was not much difference between those who had and those who did not. There were more opportunities than now to get good free items and for those who bought, the boxes were not so nerfed.

It was only at the end, since the appearance of the famous cooling module that could decide a battle and the Shiro clan, which capitalized this in their favor, that everything began to change.

And that wasn´t corrected with the update, on the contrary, it increased.