Top ranks chat allowas ranks 1-5 (?)


channel is for ranks 1-3 only
but when i was rank 5 i could go in it

I dont have evidence becuz i suck at the game and can’t get to rank 5

Or i’m just going mental


It’s not a bug, it got changed when League update was introduced.


it still shows ranks 1-3


Because they didn’t updated that prompt screen. Not the first time TS change something but don’t update the visual part of it.


Only posting to help you keep your sanity. You can get in @R5.

Hadn’t even thought that’d work tbh


i requested that they extend the range and they agreed :slight_smile:


Even with the extended range, it’s still quiet most of the times.


Thats because i got kicked down to rank 8 :frowning:


I don’t even bother with chat, after seeing german chat’s cringy RP-ing, I’ve just avoided it all.


Ahahahahaha that’s great.

Oh that’s unfortunate. :slight_smile: