Top Players of BattleDawn?

List the top 20 players of BattleDawn.

  1. Kenny
  2. Oz of Ozone
  3. (Gerry) Hope
  4. Dane (CME)
  5. Abeyant
  6. Slybrood
  7. Darky
  8. AngleDust
  9. Klord
  10. LT (Harry)
  11. Leero
  12. Mad Max
  13. Capo
  14. GameOver
  15. Vrushijin
  16. Aragon
  17. The Amazing Mr O
  18. Gaurav
  19. Cedric
  20. Arthas

List isn’t in any order.

Since the last forum of top players was more BS than anything.

Lets see whos thinks whos the best in here. LIST AWAY BATTLEDAWNERS!

Note: My list could be a lot bigger and if you wanna add more than just 20 go right ahead lets see who you think the best are!

I think we already did this and everyone was triggered that milan was at the top of everyone’s lists

also gaurav should be much higher in your list, he’s deffinitely better than darky and leero

Kenny is on the list. List must be fake :innocent:

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:expressionless: do I need to be any more clear? Anywho Like I said the list could be a lot bigger.

oh, then whats the point of the list if its not ordered?


I like a lot of the people on here but wow I’m not sure who tried to suck up more with their lists :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Hunta
    4.everyone else is bad
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These lists are circlejerks pls keep me out of em garret


but I want you to jerk me daddy capo

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I forgot to leave battle dawn because of this cancerous post.


What? :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Atleast he didnt put himself on the List , thanks to that XD