Top kek ultra mechs (that rhymes, too)


so, i bought a bunch of tokens and spent em on ultra mythical boxes. so now i have a bunch of mythical items. what should i get rid of and what can i use? i recall seeing someone post about some weps or stuff thats just extremely OP. but i cant find that again. what were they?


Id also be interested in getting some info about what is considered OP and the best way to build a mech etc.


omg dude i just put on the stuff that has the biggest numbers and i joined arena and played 3 matches. and those guys would make one shot, barely scratching me. and i one-shotted all of them. holy shit this is great


btw Elcent, apparently when you buy tokens in BD, you get some in SM as well. this is great. with my massive boosting habits in BD i should be a millionaire soon on SM. a pal of mine that spends hella on BD just started playing SM and also has a hell of a lot of tokens.


got these 2 just now


From my experience, idk what it’s like now because I played more than a year ago, is that the reds you win via achievements don’t actually transfer to bd. Just sm only, which sucks. Idk if that’s been changed, though


Only the reds you buy are transferred to the other game. BD bonus blues and SM reds u earn ingame dont transfer. Idk about the extra reds. I think they dont transfer. But I’ll check just in case. (By that i mean when u buy 5k reds for 100 bucks in SM, u also get a bonus 3.7k or something. Idk if that carries over)


Glad to see you enjoying SM. :slight_smile: Enjoy it while you can during your new times… because when you manage to reach the big leagues, you won’t be enjoying it too much. If you know what I mean. :wink:

But jokes aside, I assume you have “Ultra Nova” since it’s the only thing that can do that much damage. :stuck_out_tongue:
You have a good start, that’s a great weapon, loving that.


my 2 favorite babies.

and my melee


Where is the Ultra Nova? :no_mouth:


i dont have one :’(

more characters


You also forgot about Metal Shredder. c:


I do have a metal shredder tho. Not the ultra nova yet


Kaen…did the accountant stop you from getting the Ultra Nova?


Lolno. Its just based on rng. I spent 15k reds on it already. I guess im just unlucky


Ah, is there a cool down of sorts on SM?


“Let me put SM on notice that I the great Kaen am here”

SM Replies “Bring it!”

Kaen drops another 15k reds. “Brought!”


Best part is that when you buy reds on SM, u get reds on BD as well and vice versa. So im just mass boosting on bd snd i have reds to use on SM as well.




what do i do now, guys?