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ok imagine you have access to every single weapon in SuperMechs. what is the best build? i am new and completely confused. i tried just putting the weapons that deal most damage but i run out of ammo or energy or i overheat.


It’s not all about the damage, you gotta think about what strategies will you do with that mech and what will cost.

Though, a test version of the game would be cool.


omg i just built up this swell lad

and he wrecks on the arena


You picked up a Axe, you looks so sexy!


i played a little in this game and its clear the styles
you can be an energy drainer , drain energy of oppenet until he cant move
or overheater , overheat your opponet so he cant ever again have a turn as when the mech heat is more than capicity he misses turn cause of automatic cooldown
its not hard really you just gotta be a little smart hahahha


Basically OverHeatingEnergyDrainingDamageDealing God Mode Mech


i feel sticking with 1 style is better
where will you find the weight to get all those weapons type


naffo calm down. im pretty sure that was sarcasm


what can i say
i am overheated hahahaha ( i know its a bad joke stfu )


I guess this chat was getting overheated ( bad puns )


wow. 2 bad puns of the same type in a row.


we know you are jealous that you are not funny kaen


What is the current best items in each element? Im mostly interested in heat but there might be someone that actually plays energy (basically, nubs) or ppl that play physical (losers) that might need advice. What weapons or items should each class be trying to get?


I was going to make a smartass flowchart but it was too much work