Top clans reward - lol


Tactics soft keep it up! Reward for clan and so funny…


Top2 is better than top 1…


Better to have all epics are top 3 reward , hope they dontchange this to legendaries or its the old version’s unbalanced clan rewards all over again.


For one week they DID actually give the top 3 2-3 legendaries.


Still the same reward from months. You continue to ignore top players asking to obtain better clan rewards and we also would like to know how it works this random system @Sarah247 @Mohadib

Enjoy the typhoon


I guess they learned from the past and don’t want to make the already strongest players make even stronger with the weekly rewards.


I actually would want that Mass Booster


Give them a plat plate and I’ll throw millions of dollars into this game to be in top clan lol


No, I don´t think that’s why … it’s really in their interest that there are a few “strong” players, because it supposedly serves as a bait for people to buy more.

Tactisoft should always put someone in the window, very visible, like fish in a tank, so that everyone wants to be like that player. (By the way, I get so disgusted that I get the opposite effect).

I believe that the weekly rewards are now bad, so that good buyers (who are the majority of the players who are in higher clans), buy more.

Would be foolish to give free good items to people who can pay for these.


They give good stuff before reloaded :frowning:


Maybe it was healthier. There was less ambition or less expense.

As the game has progressed, like all things, everything becomes more expensive for them and also increases the need for better profits.

That’s why some say that all past time was better. To miss for the simple things.