Top clan rewards


Ya know… 3,500 powerup kits arent even much, as well for only “Epic” tier weapons aren’t much of a prize why not give legend tier items?


Yes, the clan rewards should be changed to Legendary items.


Yeah,(Even if I’m not close to be in the top clans)


All my fingers and toes UP for this! Let’s build a poll.[poll type=regular public=true]

  • The top 3 clan rewards should include Legendary items and more power in kits.
  • Nah. I do not give shit about Legendaries and want to suck with Epics all the time.

See the results, @Sarah247, @Mohadib.


That will create a huge power gap between the tops and the others.
Legendaries are now harder to get then the Legacy myths were.


I somewhat disagree with this, you can upgrade an epic into a legendary. However, some items cannot because of their transform range. The legacy myths always needed the premium currency of tokens (or a minimalistic chance in an item box) so I would say the legendary items are on par with the legacy myths.

My opinion on this topic is that top clans should get a legendary item (because anybody can just get an epic) and have more power.


it is also possible to get legendaries in the big boy mission btw, not just epics.

I personally got an abomination from a big boy mission (a legendary-myth only range legendary)


Especially with the final mission, you get 100% epic and some chances of legends.