Top Alliance Leaders!


this has to be the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me. Take it down before people may get the impression that you’re actually a normal human being.


Traj your ego has no limit, if you showed humility once in a while people would actually have respect for you outside of your little circle.


I respect @trajic1 and that’s enough :slight_smile:


trajic sucks stark/lawmpy/alfie are a 100 times better

  1. Kane(Kevin)
  2. Avi
  3. Tabula
  4. Kent(Morgan)
  5. Ilona
  6. Mo/Creel/Renee/Heidi (Basically whoever we forced to lead back in the day)


I change mine to just

Greeny Greeny Greeny Greeny all hail greeny


Haha too funny. Are you still playing?


@Kaen best leader tbh


Sir Skipwith
On a close second is kæn tho


Naaah i quit long ago :sunglasses:


dz!!! :open_mouth:


A new name has emerged as the new Top alliance leader



Leo is the best but. There is no @leobratce without @Psi and there is no psi without @Gaurav.

They make one hell of a trio in leadership. All for one and one for all.

@Djina sucks :slight_smile:

And seriously one last time

I quit


Trajic lets me real you and I are the best leaders in this game.


Stop annoying noobs :roll_eyes: you are the worst leader/member ever -1 :grin:


Even the trio of you, @Raed_Mansour and @Djina is no less.


You suck. Djina is da best.

  1. Venom
  2. Grust
  3. Rogg
  4. Son Osmanli


Wth Felipe :neutral_face:

I have to kill ya in rl :ghost:


Ok, you suck too :expressionless: