Top 1-2-3 solo rewards! + 1 other thing

Hello, Killa RxF here (the real one this time :wink: )
I think the rewards for top 1-2-3 on solo sould be bigger. I mean a medal and some gold is not engouth raported at the money and time you have to spend and sometime even waste (becouse of failing) for only a bit of gold what is too les comparabile with the cost of upgrading an item ONLY from legendary to mythical.
Even if im not playing at this moment and that will not be in my avantage, i think will be much fair for the players who are trying all possibile to make it.
I think for top - 1: gold reward sould be 300.000 (+ or -) Gold

                   - 2: gold reward sould be 150.000 (+ or -) Gold

                   -3: gold reward sould be 100.000 (+ or -) Gold
Dont ignore this please.

OR… Make a update to suport players more.
Adding back the premium account is a possibile thing. Why i said that?

  1. Well… i wold pay much more to buy premium account for a period of time looking at the new lvl capacity.
  2. That will be for more then 3 players. (talking about the top 1-2-3 rewards).
    @Marija @Sarah247
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I absolutely agree :dancer:

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Thx. i apreciate it.
Lets see what devs have to say about it?! or will simply close the topic without an explication.

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I got 1,000,000 Gold for my 23th single gold medal !


And another 1,000,000 Gold for my 24th single gold medal !


Maybe, becouse of your wins, but we are talking about reward of Gold… not the gol you get for one battle (+quiters)

No, I meant the reward for 1st place at single of the weekly tournament !
It’s just written wrong in the game !


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