TOO MANY ADS! pls tell me why

what the title says, there are too many ads, i am trying to grind in the campaign and i am getting so many ads

I assume you are playing on your phone?

nope on my laptop
is this normal?

i am playing now

T-Soft wants money. that’s all there is to it.

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thanks, it is really annoying when it pops up in the middle of a campaign crunching session

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Because they want to make money anyway.

God forbid a business runs advertisements on their game.

That’s why I’m atheist …

My grandfather said: “listen to the customer, the customer is always right”

Hey everyone,
Ads are important to keep the game studio running. They help us bring new content to Super Mechs.
So we appreciate it that our players take the time to watch ads.

these ads, some of them are not age appropriate, i would like an age thingy that sets the ads at correct levels

Or, just get rid of the inappropriate ads altogether.

I will ask the team to look into this.
Thanks for reporting.

There are way too many ads in the game though, and at inappropriate times. In the middle of the map is not a time to throw out an ad for “my dream date game”. It ruins the experience all together.

Super Mechs on the phone also has the most ads of any other f2p game while being one of the most unstable. I can’t do campaign without the game crashing out, I can’t upgrade my items without restarting the app. Unfortunately, your priorities are not there. I’m considered a “whale” in other games, but I am not giving you all one dime based on all this.