:( Tomorrow is school again as everyday


:pensive::tired_face::confounded::disappointed: , in my country , we enetered school the previous wednesday , and tomorrow’s wednesday , Another retarded day on school , With new KIDS who just came from primary schools , JESUS CHRIST , Stay Cool guys , Respect each other , LOL ( I don’t know why i put LOL on every post )


I go enter at the highschool 10th grade in 1 month, please,don’t speak about the school, it’s horrible.


I’m dead cuz my homework is undone.

Dig ky grave, will ya?


I went back to school 3 weeks ago


the good part is that im not going to school unitl october (i think)


my homeworks done so after i get it back i destroy it
Image result for my homework is done anime gif


youre not the only one


yah the thing is i kind of burn it


no no no, i rip it into pices and i put it into my hamster cage


well thats the only effective way i do it and then i put it in the sand at the beach and burn it again then put it on a log then let it go and let the ocean do the rest


viking funeral for homework? is not too much?


not really because at the end of the school year i build a bout out of a plastic gas tank then add fireworks then bring it out then light the fuse and also i added a home made bomb then it goes with a bang


i still insist, isn’t that too much


it after the school year i think i waste 20 dollars in fireworks doing it


At least you arent doing homerwork 6 hours a day


do you know what i do with my homework after school ends every season?
i make home-made rockets, and then i put my homework inside. then i launch it in the air, taking a chair and enjoying the explosion