Tokens portals needed


plz give a tokens portal for the the portal


100 tokens for each time you complete a level :slight_smile:


atleast 50 I am on level 70 but am still getting 2 every level up


I was thinking like this:

Normal=50 tokens
Hard=100 tokens


no way
developers will never add this


Yes, they will add it.
But it will be impossible.

Every enemy on normal has 4,000 hp


they might some times


than normal imposible than win it from hard


Gold portal is basically a token portal :slightly_smiling_face:


but gives only 15 tokens


The might add it.
But only with

  • Normal mode:
    Minion mechs: 2500 HP, 500 heat/energy cap, 150 cooling/energy regen
    Boss: 3000 HP, 800 heat/energy cap, 200 cooling/energy regen

  • Hard mode:
    Minion mechs: 3000 HP, 750 heat/energy cap, 250 cooling/energy regen
    Boss: 4000 HP, 1000 heat/energy cap, 300 cooling/energy regen

  • Insane mode:
    Minion mechs: 5000 HP, 1000 heat/energy cap, 350 cooling/energy regen
    Boss: 20000 HP, 10000 heat/energy cap, 1000 cooling/energy regen



i think i can do it on normal XDD


but for others it will be hard best just put it for insane mode


Yes, but only with at least 6 refills as there will be 10 minion mechs + the boss.

Edit: And, of course, no booster crates in that portal.


Token portal would probably be this :
Normal : 80 tokens on first finish, 10 tokens on the rest, max hp you can find there is 1400+, max dmg is 199+

Hard : 120 tokens on first finish, 12 tokens on the rest, max hp is 1800+, max dmg is 299+

Insane, 150 tokens on first finish, 14 tokens on the rest, max hp is 2902, max dmg is 399+


weak one will have to use tokens to get tokens it will be hard for then


You forgot to say “with 10 revives that is”


make that 5 ok cyanine


not that much
that s way too much


5 what? 20chahahahahah