Tokens for Ladder Wins

Greetings All!
A nice idea has just occured to me. Why not award a very small number of tokens for winning ladder battles! It should be like 1 token for 1v1, 2 tokens for 2v2 and 3 tokens for 3v3. In this way Tacticsoft would create huge interest in ladder battles, and so they could give up on the ridiculous idea of energy points in campaign mode. Yes, I hate the energy points, because they killed the only effective source of fusion, which is farming the Big Boy. If we get tokens for winning ladders, man, people would be crazy happy. What do you think?

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namely, daily quests. Using 5 items to upgrade and getting 10 is easy, as well as doing 2 any missions. Hardest part here is 2 arena wins. Althrough more than 2 wins is not rewarded, this also prevents top players to be on arena 24/7 tormenting those who are not such powerful


Yeah, I want to see Nic farming pvp with his swarm / shredder mechs and receiving 3 tokens for every 3v3 won… :smiley:

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Do you really believe that top players winning ladder rankings every week regularny really care about anything? They already got all items fully fused up. This will be the way for mediocre players to catch up quicker…

Whoa that’s pretty far out as you can already get 10 a day when you were able to get nothing a day back in the day maybe if they got rid of that system and gave 5 tokens every 12 hours for 10 wins or something less but right now I’m feeling like everyone is getting greedy we used to get nothing for battles but credits and XP not a bad idea if they removed the daily questbut if not thumbs down …

That’s one of the best ideas I have ever heard!!!:smile::smile::smiley: