Token Tips and help

How do i get tokens fast? i need to buff up my mech :confused:

You can buy them or play raids

Raids are pretty good; finishing campaign missions helps in the beginning. After that, its just get a box once and a while, and grind the heck out of the campaign, and you’ll get good decently fast.

Rob Bill Gates.

He has plenty of tokens I’ve heard


Hello @MCG_567_YT!!!
I see that you need tokens to and an easy and legal way to get tokens I present to you The !!! day you will get 70 tokens plus 150 of the raid and other things every day you will become a millionaire in tokens and thus you will improve your mech easily

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you can do raids which give lots of tokens i got 150 once

I get 150 every time :money_mouth_face:

Too bad they never have time to accumulate… :money_with_wings:

ya its not that help full

Go to the free tokens section and do surveys or buy them which I would NEVER spend cash on tokens, FREE ONLY or nothing!!!

im surprised im getting replies fast. i appreciate it guys! hell, i never get this attention on my youtube

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