TOKEN RUSH!: New Event Idea!

This is kinda a reboot of a cool concept that was posted a while ago, but the actual numbers were too high.
My idea is that on a random day per month this event triggers, lasting 2-3 days. What happens in the event is:
Winning campaign missions that you have not completed yet give you 10/15 tokens instead of 5.
Winning multiplayer matches gives you 5 tokens.(If you quit the match you must wait 5 mins before battling again to discourage smurfing)
Winning big boy whether you have beat him already or not gives 3 tokens for normal, 5 tokens for hard, and 7 for insane
So, what do you think?

  • Good! I want it implemented
  • Its okay, how about you do this instead…(comment)
  • Nope

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BTW if your going to reply dont just say “lol no” or “stfu” give something contructive please
PS If enough people like this idea then i will tag the developers, see if they want to put it in game

btw im trying to be conservative on the token rewards so its not to many tokens, but tell me if the rewards are too high

Free tokens is a big no no for tacticsoft


Ik, but cant they be nice for ONCE

Supercell wants money, but they give plenty of free gems in COC, bet you their money per player is higher cause of their generosity

Being nice is a bigger no no for for tacticsoft. Lol

TS is trying to get 1000$ each from 10 players , but super cell gets 10$ from 1000 players … dont know when ts is gonna learn that kind of marketing …

What they cant see is that they make their boxes and items very hard to get, so many people pay large amounts for them. However, the rates are so bad that they get nothing, so these people quit the game and never pay again.
Tactisoft, if you really want to earn more money, then expand your player base by making the game more desirable game to play, follow the example of Supercell.
They focus on making smaller amounts of money per person for a large amount of people, totalling for more money
You want a large playerbase and less individual payments than a very small playerbase and large individual payments, as if you group enough players there will always be people who pay large amounts, and also people who pay some money, and the total amount of income will rise.
I understand the incentive to make money, but there are ways to make more for yourself and also make the players happier.

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Good idea in itself, but it could be exploited easily ^^

You’ll see a lot of players who will go on a losing streak just to have easy wins…^^
Better remove or make it like “you’ll got tokens if the opponent is at least your rank-2/3”

Or add another value, like a “brut-force-meter”, who increase when you have items with higher rarity, higher lvl, same type of items maybe, etc…(minimum and maximum outcome damage for exemple+ average DMG outcome/turn regarding of the boots/use-unlimited weapons too, etc…) And only allows you to get tokens only if the BFM of your opponent is at least around yours ^^

Not sure about the numbers…^^

Alright, Thanks for your suggestions!

np ^^


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Including the raid tournament that just got released? As far as i can see they are giving more and more xD

As for the idea… having it just on one day doesn’t sound too good as it makes people wait for that day to play and then they end up forgetting about the game…


What else could it be?

i like the idea but it needs to be edited

a few days at a time (2-3) and randomly. Not a set time between each event. Would help keep the interest up :slight_smile:

Please, tell me how :smile:

K, thanks for your suggestions

IF more people like this would thsi be a worthy idea to bring up with the tactisoft team?

Thats not at all up to me :slight_smile: Im just a forum moderator xD

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Dang. I guess if more people get interested ill just tag them and see if they view it or not