Token Rush For Free!


So here is my idea for what happen in Token Rush

  1. In the campaign, when you beat a level you’re going to get 10times token as you will get in normal.
  2. In arena you get 5 token for losing, 10 for winning.
  3. A leader board for the numbers of token you earn.
  4. Award for leader board
    (1) 625 token + 5 premium pack
    (2) 400 token + 2 premium pack
    (3-10) 200 token + 1 premium pack
    (11-100) 50 token + 20 epic item
    (101-500) 10token + 15 epic item
    (500-1000) 5 token + 10 epic item
    (1000 or under) 1 epic item

If you vote for that write a 1


Votes are right here

P.S: Wright your name too(Your Mech Name)


Uhh what lol no


Don’t “lol” at him, do criticize the idea (of course constructive criticism), not the person.

Try to be mother Teresa (no offense to all believers - I liked her) … like a lot here in the forum claim to be (but only use it as mask).

I wrote it to you @Fluxeon, because I know from you, you know how to understand this :exclamation:


It’s a great idea - I like it :grey_exclamation:

FREE tokens = always a good thing :exclamation:



Ofc free tokens is a good thing. But the amount he’s proposing is just too insane for this company to take seriously. They WANT to make money. Not LOSE money.

It’d make sense if he removed a 0 from each (625, 400, 200, etc)

But those numbers are just too high, top tier players (like yourself), would just farm that shit.


Thanks for telling me


If TS just reinstated the fully working Super Sonic free click token system (click ads TS gets paid we get tokens) ALL would be great as it used to be in the past.

30 to 50 or more tokens per day was awesome on top of the other daily tokens we got, save them till the sales then BAMMM spend all tokens on good items. As long as TS doesn’t NERF the frickin good item drops of premium boxes like was done in the past :rage:


No.There are some many reasons why this would be a destructive idea but I ain’t gonna sit here for another 20 mins to give a proper mot-a-mot explanation…I’m sure you can figure it out yourselves.




1 Mythical1 I like it


It seems good to me, they would be better rewards. :smiley:

With respect to the of tokens, I also think they are very high :sweat_smile: hahaha

1st place = 100 tokens (3 mythical)
2nd place = 75 tokens (2 mythical)
3rd place = 50 tokens (1 mythical)
4 ° / 10 ° 25 = tokens (5 legendary)
11 ° / 1000 = 10 tokens (10 epics)

I know, I’m more humble :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No offense, but that’s even worse than what the OP was proposing.

3 myths + 100 tokens? No. Same for the rest. Maybe 50 tokens + 1-2 legs for rank one, and less as you go down.

Giving out myths is just plain stupid. Put bluntly.


Ok then id just spam quit all battle as and make 1k tokens a day :slight_smile: good idea


I don’t think you can make it


in fact that idea is not valid and as they mentioned the company wants to make money not to lose it, with that amount of money everyone would have a complete mechs in a minimum of 2 weeks
I vote no