Token Mania (Portal)


Hello very good good by the time you know we have these portals:

  1. Item Mania Portal - It gives a lot of items , 4 items per card with high drop rates!

  2. Gold Portal - Doesnt give any boxes , but gives a lot of gold.

  3. Item Portal - Usually designed for a special item.

  4. Unichorn Portal - The best , and rarest portal. It has extremely high drop rates for legendaries ! Sadly , this portal wont be seen , since the developers thought it was too overpowered.

Well to see this you can realize that another type of portal is missing and it is the token portal good my idea is…

at the end of the month we have a Token mania

Bonus is easy level: 5,000 gold 45 tokens

Medium level bonuses: 10,000 gold 60 tokens

Extreme bonus: 15,000 gold 100 tokens

Having enough tokens in this portal the difficulty would be absurdly difficult to not make it so easy for the pilots to win so the map for this portal would be: The Danger Zone Mission 11 Even so, this portal would be designed for low level players so level 1 would be the easiest of all and the medium level and difficult would be for stronger mechanisms

  • Need this idea fixes
  • It’s a good idea
  • It is a bad idea
  • Something else I will say mentioning @antonio_Ortega

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Tokens portals needed

Too high of a token count. They won’t add it with the portal giving that much tokens. 60+100+180 equal 340 tokens which is easily too much for Tacticsoft


Sounds good,but the drops should be balanced (too many tokens as drops) and the portal should be the least frequent (as in rarest).


Every 3 months or 2?


Too much tokens in my opinion…
Normal: 25 tokens
Hard: 30 tokens
Insane: 35 tokens


Yeah,maybe every 2 months at a random time giving around a maximum of…Let’s say 150-200 tokens.


It’s very little in my opinion is more what the raid gives you


That’s still too much


For a 2-month portal,I think that’s okay,considering the weekly raid :slight_smile:

I hope I didn’t start a war by saying that xD


Normal: 40
Hard: 45
Insane: 50?


The raid doesn’t give much. you get average of 5 per day during the six days which equal to an estimated 30 + what you get as a prize. so if you get a low score you will probably got less than 50 and if you come first you get 530…but on average everyone get 100 tokens as a win so it gives you 130 ish depending on how good you did.

Which s big now that you mention it


In addition to 2 months for this portal to open the portal would be absurdly difficult although level 1 would be designed for those of low rank… :smiley:


Depending on the different opinions I will enlarge the topic to see multiple ideas :smiley:


Normal: 45
Insane:100= 205 tokens

Besides that the portal would be every 2 months and the day would be random and the portal would be difficult, I think that’s fine… @SeanChoi1870?


That’s not the point of this portal :sweat_smile:


sorry would just like a super portal


it’s a shame my mech wasn’t good enough back then when the unicorn portal appeared


I started on the day there was a unicorn portal. The last one


i never even was able to do the unicorn portal and i stared in 2015


The unicorn portal was last year