Token login bonus


I think that the more we log online, in a amount of days we get five or ten tokens


Thats a thing already but for 20 tokens


for how many days do I need to log on


Idk, but it happens.


Around 5 days, and then 12 days, and then 19 days


its for how many days in a row logged in


I am an active player so I connect every day and I have never obtained 10 or 5 tokens just completing the daily quests


I got 10 tokens today from logging in


Well I do not receive 10 daily tokens so I think it’s a mistake or maybe it’s because … (I do not know what to say)


it is more took almost the month that I do not get a fortune box!


There’s a thing called daily missions where you WORK for tokens not just go online and receive them like lazy people…

That’s the property for fuel


I would have hundreds of tokens more by now