Token fluctuations


i had 23k reds on BD. i bought 8k reds on SM. now i have 9k reds on bd after i reloaded. how is this possible?


how did i go from 23k to 9k?


that should hurt a lot , maybe you can tag alexander ( i still dont know how to tag )



@Alexander plz and thank u


2 hours ago:



thats a serious issue , this must not happen to other players aswell , hope this wont happen to anyone else
hope they fix the bug fast kaen


wat if its not a bug but i spent 12k reds in 2 hours?


its a bug i think as you had 23k then bought 8k this 31k then you spent 12k its 19k so still a bug i belive


Then this topic is pointless and was made just for attention?


or maybe that was sarcasm and you’re being toxic and salty again


Wouldn’t be alfie without those


KAEN is the best ever to post in this forum
even if he make posts for sarcasm i will still like them all hahaha


most posts arent sarcastic, but a few pop up here and there


I know my point was i will still like them even if they are sarcastic


issue has been resolved.


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