Toilet flushing mini game

Recently, I found this mini-game inside SM, named toilet flushing. This game is simple and very attractif with 2 steps: save token to min 3350 - buy 10 prem pack

Here my recent Flushing result


  • 7 legys from 50 items (10 packs) drop rate = 14%
  • 2 L-M drop rate = 4%

Somebody else wanna join this mini-game ? Personaly I do 1 Toilet Flushing each week.

2nd Toiliet flushing
Legy drop rate = 18%
L-M drop rate = 5.5%


Holy ſ you save 3350 tokens weekly? I can’t even do that yearly, even without spending any of it…


There are differents way to save token

  • clan boxes
  • watch ads
  • quest
  • raid
  • ATM card abusing at Monday but save these token until Friday or Saturday :sweat_smile:
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Not being able to get 3300 tokens yearly? Something is seriously wrong with how you are getting tokens, or you don’t want/have time to get them.

But yea even if you get 600-700 tokens like me a week… It’s pretty much insignificant as you see… 3300 Tokens hardly make a difference when it comes to Premium Packs.

Fortune boxes are way to go.

Game is supposed to be played and not bought.

But I have a feeling as if Tacticsoft nerfed drop rates in fortune boxes. Cause I got 0 legendary items this week. Opened over 25 fortunes boxes and nothing.

If they have nerfed L-M fortune box drop rates I am not gonna support them anymore.

Trafalgar got 0 legendary items this week from fortune boxes as well… So I am very skeptic. Will wait a bit more, week or two before breaking down and making a topic where people will count every single time when they get legendary item and after how many fortune boxes was it.

I used to get at least 3 legendary items out of fortune boxes… That’s how it shold be for me who plays this game A LOT.

So I am getting very skeptic


I invested my token in Fortune box farming before. Recently I switch to prem box cuz Fortune box are now trash. The drop rate was nerfed significantly !

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When did you notice the “nerf”?

For me it was this whole week.

4 weeks ago.
I remember 2 weeks farming fortune and got only 3 E-M legys. Then I changed to prem pack last 2 weeks but it seems nothing better

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Oh yes, I only do my daily quests and get 5 arena wins. I also grind the campaign twice a day.

Well I am deeply concerned about this situation, it’s completely off the ranch to not be able to get at least 2-3 legendary items a week from fortunes on average.

Especially if you are rocking Overlords Den 2 vs 2 madboy on normal everyday and spend at least 220 fuel on it or so during that day… It’s 22 runs at least.

I am getting fewer fortune boxes as well. It’s not 6 - 7 fortune boxes a day anymore. But 3-4 or so.

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You really think that main tokens come from those? That’s not enough.

I am not gonna give you any further information here on forums add:

Darth Vectivus#6224
On Discord ~

If your interested to know how I get to be somewhat successful or ask anything in general :slight_smile:

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Jeez I get about 1-2 fortune boxes per day…


And how much do you play my fellow~?

Just wondering how much fuel you spend a day and on what?

180 fuel / day

What node/mission do you farm? Haven’t answered fully hehe~… It’s very important x’p

I usually do OD6 1v1 insane but I’ve been farming MadBoy normal recently, to get fortune boxes

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Well that explains it, that’s why you get lower amounts of fortune boxes.

I do node 6 on insane only when I need a bit more XP for the next level. So it’s quite rarely compared to overall fuel usage.

I will try to switch to other boss nodes, will try to decode this fortune box drop rate mystery ~…

So far as I see it… Fortune Boxes have terminals when to drop in huge amounts and when to stay like this, insignificant.

During the 50% gold camping event it gets to be better usually, and during special portal events… Still, I haven’t figured out all the events that fortune boxes rain at. And why is it so? Or is there a specific timer on how many fortune boxes you can get a week?

Maybe… Still uncertain …

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It’s a royal flush, I see


Royal flush must be 10 times bigger. Mine can be considered as poor-man-flush :sweat_smile:

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1 pack of crap = flushing 335 tokens out

10 packs = royal flush



How about 20 and 30 packs =))