Today's offer WTH


What the heck, thats some serious percentage:




That’s too advanced math to me man.


Last time I had infinite%

Deal with it :sunglasses:


Aaaand… Fixed


Lol fixed my ass

147% more is not 2.5 mil coins




Correct, with $19.99 you can buy 1650000 Gold;
147 % 1650000 = 2425500
1650000 + 2425500 = 4075500

So the offer should give 4.075.500 Gold, or have the percentage value edited to 151%, which is the correct amount, and what you would most likely do.

Take a look @Berserk40000, @Smirk


Actually, wouldn’t they just give you the 2.5 mill?? I was wrong. 147% does give you 2.5mil.

4075500 is 247% or around there




Well soon hit a 0% “special offer”:


And then this offer will shut down


Ahh yes, the currency known as TRY TRY

I love that name


Thats the correct currency code for turkish liras. Love it too.


It means try to buy this offer


Why u guys is talking about this when u don’t even want to buy it ?


Because it’s just bad, and we want the devs / admins to see these mishappenings.


Ok good reason I will help, but how…


What ???