Today is my 14th birthday!

Nope, she’s not asian, but it didn’t matter how we became good friends.

Her name is Juna, She’s also half chinese and half korean, same as me.
She’s my best friend :kissing_heart:

One of them is korean and one of them is chinese

Yep, he’s korean

Most asian guys in my school somehow had curly hair, guess it’s a trend now :eyes:

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oh wow shit, Im late, sorry i couldnt say happy b-day. But now that you are 14.


Thanks for answering my questions. Nice, I’m getting decent at guessing people’s ethnicity.

So, let me guess, the girl in the black shirt is Korean? And the girl in the white shirt is Chinese?

Juna looks 100% Korean to me. I wouldn’t have guessed she’s mixed Chinese.

I didn’t realize there are so many Koreans in Singapore. After all, Korea is so far away. Also, I’m surprised there are so many Indians in Singapore.


And Wow, why are u so good at it

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Thanks! With your clue, I was able to guess correctly. I knew I was close.

I like to guess people’s ethnicity. I find it interesting.