Today is my 14th birthday!

I almost forgot today is my bday until my friends reminded me lmao
I finally turned 14 haha :laughing:


Happy B I R T H D A Y @Ricemech88 :exclamation:


Best f2p player ever :exclamation:


And you have a LOT of friends :exclamation:


Wish you a wonderful day :heavy_heart_exclamation:



Happy birthday u are now just as old as I do… which is strange.


Happy birthday!!! Congrats!!!

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Riceee! Happy birthday to you too!! Wish you the best as well :smile:

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You’re so old now. Happy birthday! :birthday: :ramen: :rice_ball:


Happy birthday!! :partying_face:

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Thankxx soooo much everyone :kissing_heart:

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Happy birthday @Ricemech88 !

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Happy birthday! Hope you have a good year (despite all the things happening).




only lake :laughing:


Happy birthday! :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday @Ricemech88


Quarantine really causes people to forget what day it is, because every day is rather similar.

Well, happy birthday!

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Didn’t expecting a birthday party at all…

Huge thanks to my friends for giving me a big suprise :kissing_heart:

Sorry for burning your eyes because my makeup skill is so terrible :sweat_smile:

I’m soooo happy now for having a such fun party with my friends and getting 3 L-M items as my bday present lol

I’m an old girl now


What did u get? THE L-m?

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Nice photos! I like how you showed a narrative. You look very happy at the end. That’s the best ending. :smiley:

I still don’t understand how you’re bored with so many good friends.

With your makeup on, maybe it’s a sign you should get a boyfriend. Then, you can drop this game, lol. I’m certain you won’t be bored then.

Since you mentioned makeup, for some cosmetic tips, you can check out Michelle Phan, or other beauty YouTubers.

My sister told me Michelle Phan is good. Although she isn’t very active on YouTube, she’s solid with her makeup. Now days, she’s busy running her cosmetic business.

Here’s a little bio on her here:

It’s something to keep in mind while you’re comparing other beauty YouTubers. With 1.1 billion lifetime views, I think this girl made some money off YouTube, lol.

By the way, in your photo, is the girl in the blue shirt even Asian? It’s hard to tell. She looks mixed. What’s her ethnicity?

The girl in the white shirt with glasses, is she Korean? She looks Korean to me.

I think the other 2 girls are Chinese. It’s hard to tell as well.

And I think there’s a Korean guy in the photos. It’s hard to tell since he didn’t show his face in the photo. Assuming he’s a guy, why is his short hair so curly? It looks very unusual for an Asian.

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I still go to laser tag for birthday parties :confused:

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Happy Birthday mate.

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