To the Artist of Exponential Equinox's Sprite(?) (Yes, it's a long read and explanation about everything)

So, I’ve recently noticed in General Chat 2.0 that a strange advanced item was in an update. When I looked at the design, I thought it was a new side laser idea but I then realized that it looked way more like a drone than a side weapon. Yes, I thought it was some random drone… Yet there hasn’t been any form of laser beam drone ideas lately apart from the concept idea and the rough draft of its stats. That’s when I noticed that RIDVAN22 had mentioned that the drone had other variants as well as the element that the E-M drone in the image was: It was a physical… Just like the physical rough draft that I created. So, I was pretty excited and joyful for quite a while but I still had doubts that the drone sprites were of Exponential Equinox and were that of someone else’s concept. In order to truly find out if the drones in the concept art is indeed Exponential Equinox, I figured I would try to find the artist behind the sprite design and ask them about it… And if it is, Exponential Equinox, I am grateful for the help that the artist has lent to this drone by providing something that I couldn’t: A physical sprite that can be seen by everybody. Also, I was wondering if you may be interested in assisting me for new concept ideas. If you are, feel free to PM me since I’m on quite frequently.

The Drone Sprite Presented in RIDVAN22’s Post in General Chat 2.0

*The reason why I don’t want to call this Exponential Equinox is because there is still a chance that this is for a completely different concept idea and I don’t want to assume things too early.

Here, let me condense your post into something more tolerable to read:

In the General Chat 2.0, I’ve noticed that a strange advance item is a part of an update. Looking at the design, I thought that it was a laser weapon, but it looked more like a drone. So far, there aren’t any forms of “laser beam drones” apart from that concept.

Then Ridvan22 mentioned that the drone had other variants, like the E-M drone in the image: it’s a physical – similar to the draft I’ve created. That got me excited for a while, but I still had doubts if the sprites were inspired by the Exponential Equinox or it was someone else’s concept. For me to confirm that, I’d like to find the artist and ask him directly.

If it’s truly the Expo Equi, then I am thankful to you since you have made something Ithat I couldn’t – a sprite. Also, if you are interested in assisting me for more concept ideas, feel free to message me.

… and done.

Please do say if I completely changed your thought. :slight_smile:

Seriously man, no offense, but can’t you be more straightforward in your posts? I don’t think many people would bother to read every word in your post since they’re too much. :wink:



Unfortunately, the habit of making uncomfortably short or long posts like these is a habit that I can’t necessarily control. It’s just that type of habit you don’t think about until you’ve already it.

Also, the topic is extremely long because I tried explaining everything in full detail for those who may not understand what I’m going on about.

@Bluz Also, I find it pretty ironic that this is the first time that you’ve acknowledged anything that I’ve said and it wasn’t even about the topic at hand. Instead, it was about a simple reformatting of the topic. It’s quite surprising yet not so surprising at all, really.

But before I submit this reply, I would like to mention that it was nearly midnight at the time that I wrote the topic. I just wanted to include this detail to further clear things up, nothing more.

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