To pay, or not to pay?

ONCE UPON A TIME I was a top ten player, then SMreloaded happened…

I payed hundreds of dollars on the previous game to get where I was, now I only have solid legendary mechs, slowly working towards one mythical.
In all honesty this game just isn’t as fun for me now, losing all the time, etc.
I want to ask the other players for their opinions, should I once again pay money to get back to where I was? Or stay f2p?

I still feel robbed, but I love this game and want to keep playing.
I’ve been playing for almost 5 years and don’t just want to give up on this game.
So again I am asking you guys for your opinion on what I should do.

(Just a picture of one of my favorite mechs from the past. My impossible dream is to recreate it with the reloaded versions of each item)


Since I have won most Single Gold Medals :crown: of ALL time and of ALL players, I know the Top 10 players of this game SuperMechs very well :exclamation:

To be able to win that much, you need to know your opponents very well :grey_exclamation:

But I dont know you :question:

Your in-game name :question:


P.S.: I would suggest to change the title to “To p(l)ay, or not to p(l)ay?”


It was a one time thing, got 9th or 8th place some time fall last year (can’t really remember, I just remember I played for entire days)
Only got top 200 after that. Still would like opinions.

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go courage you will succeed your dream :slight_smile:

Well, duelosk, I have been in your shoes, mate, trust me. I asked myself this question several hundreds of time, and finally I came to realize that I do not feel like entering another world of another game, only to start up as a rookie/noob and waste time to learn the basics, and then spend hundreds of bucks to crawl to the top… So I just stayed with SM, and invested new money… But another question is what is stopping Tacticsoft from releasing another SM Reloaded, say, in 2 years time? Answer: nothing…


The difference between paying and not paying is time. If you pay you would go faster, if you don´t pay, it can take months to have a decent mech.

In the end, we all feel bad, of course! It was a lot that we lost! I had the option to leave or stay. I chose to stay, so I follow the “rules”.

Only now I invest a lot less … about 100 to 150 a month, that’s all. 100 would have to be more than enough. And in 3 months I have managed to have 3 well merged mechs again.


My question is still why didn’t they make SMreloaded a separate game

Because they needed Supermechs addicts to be included. No one would even consider investing in another game… It is a similar thing with Wargaming’s Wot vs. Gajin’s War Thunder. You are either WoTer or WTer… no other options…

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I am a sad little girl who felt the need to spend money on both World of tanks and world of warships… ;-;

If you use a physical mech (or luck out with an important heat weapon like Abomination or Reckoning) it doesn’t take all that long to become competitive.

I’ve only been playing a few months, never paid a dime and I’m top 40 right now. At most times of the day, there are fewer than 10 players ranked higher than me online, and sometimes none at all.

NEVER pay.

It’s not worth it.

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I never pay and these are my two acc


Liran is still here…

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I know you guys got Liran tied up in the supply closet, please release him.