To Heat or not to Heat?


So, I have received Reckoning and Mighty Protector, all items that can potentially help a heat mech. The question is. . . To Heat or not to Heat?

The planned build:

“Core”: Zarkares and Devouring Paws
Weapons: Reckoning, Desolation, and Supreme Cannon
Utilities: Clash, Charge,and Hook
Modules: 2 Heat Engines, 1 Cooling Booster, 2 Energy Engines, 1 Regen Booster, Mighty Protector, and a Plat Plate

Final Stats:
1845 Hp, 75 Phys resist
490/259 Heat
371/211 Energy

The public opinion:

  • Stay with physical
  • Go for heat
  • Change the build, but go for it
  • Heat is bad

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Thanks for any advice/opinions.


that build is pretty darn good you know. but to heat or not to heat relies on a dmg heater, or the boiler now the build that you suggest is a dmg heater, but use iron boots instead of DP. Your build needs to have as much health as possible


If I may, you could run two cooling boosters + oneheat engine for a total of 401 heat 280 cooling. And run three energy engines without an energy booster. Still having 190 regen with 460 energy total.

Edit: the rest is fine imo.

Edit#2: @DarkWarrior even with my changes, his total comes out to 991 (both I and his changes equal the same weight). So he can’t pack on Iron Boots with only 9kgs left.


That’s a pretty good build… But if you’re already using a physical, I’d stick with that and make this your 2nd mech, personally. I’m guessing your phys mech is much further along than this would be, so I’d myth it all first and then start the 2nd mech this way.

I’m currently pursuing this exact strategy - My 2nd mech is phys, my 3rd mech is energy, both have killer equipment, but I’m sticking to my heat mech until its maxed.


Heat vs Pys 51% heat and 49% pys so go heat


Actually this build is exacly what I am using right now. Its strong vs most heat builds that dont contain MB, also can do serious harm to energy mechs (but those with dual Vailants or Bunkers will rekt you). Unfortunately it lacks HP and heating damage to fight most phys high HP and heat cap builds. But you probably will get better results than me since you got mighty protector.


You need 2000 hp with this build. It’s a great build and got me to R1.

Stick with 3 heat engines maxed.
1 Epic plate maxed.
Assuming you have a plat plate maxed.

Forget energy, focus on heat and physicals. You will still beat energy without dual valiants.

You don’t need more than those 3 weapons. Leave the charge engine out.

However, you may need a Flaming Grappling hook maxed. This helps me out of many sticky situations.