To be or not to be physical or heat that is the question

Hi, I wanted to know your opiñones that I have to be a heat or physical mech, but both are good but I just have to be a guy I want to know for you that it’s good for me and tha

i used two annihilator with brutality torso but opponents never tolerate me to use two of it simultaneously n its hard to catch rolling energy mech.

i suggest as per your inventory.
use night eagle n two nightfall 1 annihilator. with teleport hook charger, atleast epic multi resist, epic hp plate.

you can beat heat mech opp surely n be cautious against corrupt light. but not possible to win sometime against better fused energy mechs. you can sustain ladder between 2 or 3. 1300hp or 1500hp will do fine.

go all 3, no worries???:slight_smile:

everything is easy to obtain but the brutality does not

I have 4 night falls

I have enough so that my mech is balanced with enrgia and heat at 300 and 300