To all top clan leaders

Hi guys!
I just want to comment on the recent Q&A with Mohadib, and all this fuss about the new Patch. After I initially settled down a bit, since it appeared that our myths will be useful, our fusion will not go in vain and our experience will transfer along, now, after second thoughts, I lost my enthusiasm. It appears, that to maintain the top level and stay competitive, eventually we will SIMPLY HAVE TO GIVE UP on our favourite myths, because in the long run they will be inferior to the new items. And here comes my point: I would like all Top clan leaders to give it a thought and join this discussion, what do you guys think about this idea? Obviously, the current status quo of the game will be broken. We all know that SM is not as much about skill, as about luck (of getting the right myths). Even Mohadib and Malicewolf confirm that in the New Patch everyone will have to be lucky to get items transferable to mythicals. So, what happens to current TOP CLANS? Lannister, Littlelost, HappyPoppers, KIG, pls join this discussion and state your opinions.

Yet another idea came to my mind. I have the status of Ultra supporter. That means that within 3 years I spent real money to get the mythicals I really dreamt of (namely God Mode, Diamond Shell, some axes, mythical modules etc.). Now, after really hard work and tons of fusion, but also hundreds of dissapointments with shitty myths (yep, Combiner Storage, remember, guys?), if I want to stay on top, I simply have to be lucky! What happens if I am not lucky? Tacticsoft, in my opinion you are digging a grave for most experienced players. If you are focused more on newbies, it is your business, but you have to ask yourself a question what will be more profitable for your company: a hoard of free-to-play newbies or a group of Ultra supporters? After all, I feel cheated. Without doubt current mythicals are a dead end. I do not understand why current myths cannot be fused to maximum in the new system? This should not be too difficult. Just adjust the stats to suit them to the new item system and all will be fine. I am totally fine that my Infernal Axe or God Mode will be level 16 (so not maxed out), if I have the opportunity to max it out even more (according to the new system). If I cannot do it, this is a stinky idea. In my opinion, this is a clever way to scam even more money from experienced players, who basically have it all in the current game.

You have to be lucky as of now as well… You got those myths with chance %'s from boxes… the only difference now is that instead of NEEDING to buy boxes for myths, you can now rely on ANY boxes for a % chance to reach myth. IMO, this gives you BETTER chances. Those who support will still have an edge over those who do not (as it should be), but those who don’t support, still have a fighting chance. Your myths are still very powerful. They just aren’t at the peak anymore (so it’s pretty much just like those 1st few myths you got years ago that are no longer great after dozens have been added). So now, you’ll simply have a HUGE advantage over those starting new, BUT you’ll need to keep up with the newbies in upgrading (which if you saved up lots of tokens, you’ll have yet again, a huge advantage) to reach the new maximum potential the game has to offer.

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So new myths would be offered? I didn’t quite understand :confused:

Five years of work. 9 mil experience. 7 personal medals. A tin of clan medals. All to start over. Start with hackers who bought tokens for pennies on the dollar. Myths for the same. It’s garbage. Super mechs can’t seek this as a good thing. It’s another money grab.

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play better game